Frequently Asked Questions

A freestanding birth center specializes in caring for healthy individuals. Unfortunately, there are health conditions that would be better served in a higher acuity facility such as a hospital. Below is a list of conditions that would not be safe for a birth at Indian Creek. Same apply for the home birth setting.

  • Bleeding Disorder and/or hemolytic disease
  • Current drug or alcohol addiction
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Previous Cesarean Section
  • Hypertension
  • Heart Disease
  • Renal Disease
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Smoking past 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • Twins

*Please note that this list is not inclusive of all risk factors. A review of heath records will be needed for all prospective clients.

The total fee for maternity services is $6,700 for birth center births and $5,700 for home births. Laboratory and Ultrasound Fees are not included. Cost for services must be paid in full by 36 weeks, unless other arrangements have been made. A Financial Agreement will be reviewed and signed at the first visit. Your monthly payments will be due on the end of every month. We do offer a sliding scale fee schedule to those in need. Please email us for an application at [email protected]

Individual visits vary in cost depending on the need and are paid for at the time of the service. If you choose to transfer care during your pregnancy or if a transfer of care is indicated due to a medical reason, the costs for services already rendered will be prorated and a refund will be issued if applicable. The initial prenatal visit to establish care is $500. Each individual prenatal visit ranges from $150-$300. Please email us for pricing at [email protected]

We can begin your care as early as you would like. If all is normal and well, 10-12 wks is a good timeframe to initiate your prenatal care. If you are transferring care from another provider, we accept transfers up until 34wks of pregnancy or later in extenuating circumstances.

Once you have initiated care with our practice, a dating ultrasound will be offered at your first visit.  You will also be offered an anatomy ultrasound at about 20 weeks gestation. Further ultrasounds will be offered if and when indicated. 

We can fax an ultrasound order to the facility of your choice and are billed to your insurance by the facility. Ultrasounds for fetal position and amniotic fluid evaluations are performed at the birth center by a midwife.

All of the standard pregnancy lab work will be offered and collected at the birth center. If you prefer to have the lab work collected at a different facility, we can fax a lab order to the location of your choice. All laboratory processing fees are billed directly to your insurance by the individual laboratory.

Please see our detailed “COVID-19 POLICY” on our services page.

Please contact Lisa at 607-793-3792 or [email protected]

Please contact Lisa at 607-793-3792 or [email protected]